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Importing Farm Machinery For Over 15 Years

If you’re looking to buy a UTV vehicle (See our ELECTRIC UTV or PETROL UTV), the team at Tuatara have the expert knowledge to give you professional advice. Geoff Hill has been importing agricultural and construction machinery from China for over 15 years. Qingmei Pang has an engineering background, as well as qualifications in international business.

In 2017, they founded Tuatara Machinery Limited, trading as Tuatara UTV, to produce a UTV specifically for Queenslanders: the TUATARA.

Why “Tuatara”? The iconic tuatara is an ancient lizard species. Each tuatara can live for more than 100 years, and its rugged appearance is strangely appealing. What better image could there be for Queensland’s own UTV?

Geoff and Qingmei have designed the TUATARA UTV from the ground up to handle Queensland conditions. It’s manufactured in China to their exacting specifications. The TUATARA is designed with strength in mind. It’s got plenty of power and carrying capacity, and a go-anywhere capability. Best of all, it’s made of tough, enduring steel, with plastic banished to only the passenger compartment shrouding.

The TUATARA continues to evolve in response to customer feedback. Tuatara UTV is determined to make the TUATARA the offroad side-by-side UTV vehicle of choice for farmers, hunters, contractors and recreational users. There is no need for a special license and it can be driven on a Class C License.

Our Co-Founders

 Geoff Hill

Geoff Hill


Qingmei Pang

Qingmei Pang


Tuatara Queensland

 Craig Henwood

Craig Henwood

Queensland Distributor

Craig has joined Tuatara after moving to Queensland from Christchurch, NZ, in 2022. Craig has been integrally involved in Tuatara’s success as a business coach for both founders, assisting in the growth and development of Tuatara.

Craig has an excellent understanding of the vehicle’s success and value in the market of farming and hunting utility vehicles.

If you live in Australia and are interested in a new off-road utility vehicle, get in touch with Craig at +61 4 2250 1955 or [email protected]

The Tuatara UTV Vehicle

The TUATARA UTV- Ultra Terrain Vehicle (UTV) is unmatched and unrivalled in features and quality in its class.  This is a truly versatile machine, suitable for just about any application, including farming, farm contracting, apiculture, horticulture, hunting, or purely recreational purposes.  In fact, the TUATARA UTV’s all-steel structure makes it probably the toughest ATV/UTV available in Queensland and has numerous add-ons to make the Tuatara even more versatile.

We also export to all countries, including the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Europe, South America and many more countries.

What our customers say about us

“This is hands down the most versatile UTV I have purchased for the farm.


“Brilliantly Engineered”

Darryl Alker


“Handles hills with ease”

Chris Hickling


“Looks and runs as reliably as a 1950’s Land Rover”

Pip Martin

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If you live in QLD or NSW and have any questions about the Tuatara UTV Vehicle or any of our other products, just send us a message including your contact details and the nature of your enquiry. We generally respond the same day that a message is received.


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