Petrol UTV 4WD

The petrol-powered TUATARA UTV- Ultra Terrain Vehicle (UTV) is the perfect petrol-pumping all-terrain vehicle for those who love to explore or work hard. With its powerful engine and four-wheel drive, this side-by-side UTV can tackle any terrain or task imaginable. The Tuatara is ready for anything, whether you’re looking to explore the trails or tackle those tricky jobs, making the Tuatara an easy choice for Aussie conditions conditions.

Read the full Specs for the all-new Tuatara Petrol UTV 4WD.

Detailed Specifications


The Tuatara Petrol UTV is unquestionably the Market Leader by a country mile. No off-road side-by-side can come close to achieving the range.
The carrying and towing capacity, together with the go-anywhere capability, low running costs and simplicity, make the Tuatara an easy choice for a range of activities, including;

· Work features and utilities that leave the competition for dead
· Rugged reliability with an all-steel construction
· Large petrol tank and long-range

Experience seamless performance and versatility with our petrol vehicle’s impressive features. Our vehicle boasts a powerful water-cooled 1000cc fuel-injected motor and a 5-speed manual gearbox that delivers exceptional power and efficiency. Our vehicle can handle all your cargo needs with a massive cargo deck. The impressive towing capacity allows you to tow trailers or equipment confidently. Whether tackling daily tasks or embarking on weekend adventures, our Petrol vehicle is designed to meet your every need.

Key Size Dimensions

The Tuatara UTV is a compact and versatile vehicle with impressive dimensions. It measures 3.58 meters in length, 2.03 meters in height, and 1.55 meters in width. The Tuatara UTV also has a generous cargo capacity, with a maximum carrying capacity of 800 kg. This makes it ideal for hauling gear and supplies for work or play. Its compact size and impressive cargo capacity make it a versatile choice for a variety of applications.

Rear Dump Bed/Tip Tray

Whether transporting hay, raw materials like gravel, soil, or wood, or unloading the spoils of your latest hunting expedition, the lift deck can handle a load up to 550kg capacity to make your work easier, faster and more enjoyable.

Tuatara UTV | UTV Ultra terrain Vehicle


Impressive Max Range


Nothing beats the sheer 500km range you can get on this workhorse. If you have to cover large distances over hilly terrain daily, our petrol, UTV is the way to go!

Power – Speed – Brakes

Accelerate quickly, haul everything, brake for unexpected obstacles and go the distance with the Petrol Tuatara UTV!


Rated Torque
35.8 N.m
Maximum Torque
130 N.m


Max Speed:

50-55kph low range diff set
75-80kph high range diff set


Hydraulic discs with booster assist (Front & rear)

Detailed Engine Specs

Engine model Chery SQR371F
Engine type In-line vertical, three cylinder, water cooled, DOHC, 12 valve
Fuel supply EFI
Bore x stroke 71 mm x 84 mm
Displacement 0.998 L
Compression ratio 11
Rated power 51 kW (69 hp)
Maximum torque 93 N.m
Fuel grade 91 unleaded or greater
Idle speed 850 rpm
Starting 12 V electric
Cooling system Water
Radiators equipped with thermo-fan
Oil capacity 3.5 L (with filter)
Oil grade API SF SAE 10W/30
Net weight 92.5 kg
Transmission Manual
5 forward gears, 1 reverse gear
Clutch Hydraulic
Final drive Shaft drive, 2WD & 4WD selectable, differential lock
Front and rear individually selectable

How Much Pull

Standout Pull, Tow & Load Capacity

Winch – Maximum pulling capacity – 1350kg
Maximum load (Rear cargo tray) – 550 kg
Maximum load (Front cargo tray) -150 kg
Maximum load (Roof rack) – 100kg.

Tackle any task with confidence, knowing that your vehicle is equipped with a powerful winch capable of pulling up to 1350kg. Whether you’re hauling heavy equipment or extracting yourself from a tricky situation, our winch provides the strength you need to get the job done. Additionally, our vehicle boasts an impressive cargo capacity, with a rear cargo tray that can handle up to 550kg, a front cargo tray accommodating 150kg and a roof rack capable of supporting 100kg. Whether you’re transporting tools, supplies, or outdoor gear, our vehicle is ready to handle your load.

Front Utility Winch

When your adventures encounter obstacles, pull your vehicle or those who tried to follow you out of trouble. The Tuatara’s front-mounted winch lets you quickly and safely return to your journey.


Built to endure, our vehicle’s all-steel chassis and frame with a ladder design provide exceptional strength and durability. This robust construction ensures that your vehicle can handle even the most demanding terrains and conditions. Additionally, the entire structure undergoes electrophoresis anti-corrosion treatment, safeguarding your vehicle from the elements and extending its lifespan. With its rugged construction and corrosion-resistant treatment, our vehicle is designed to withstand the test of time.

All Steel Construction

We wanted a vehicle that would last for decades, so our engineering team insisted on an all-steel body with an industry-best Anti-Rust treatment. This is not a typical plastic UTV; this is a purpose-built vehicle designed with a frame to withstand the constant abuse of unforgiving terrain and weather.

All steel, ladder design chassis
The entire structure is subjected to electrophoresis anti-corrosion treatment.
All steel Chassis & frame


Suspension (Front)
Independent single A-arm with MacPherson strut.
Suspension (Rear)
Independent, double A-arms with dual coil springs.
Solid but smooth with heavy springs all-round to carry big loads.


Powerful LED lights make the Tuatara an excellent platform for night work.

LED headlights, fog lights

The powerful roof‑mounted LED light bar makes the Tuatara an excellent platform for night work.


We also have an Electric UTV model.

Want to add accessories?

UTV accessories for the Tuatara and other work or farm accessories.

Tuatara UTV Trailer

UTV trailer

The UTV trailer is specifically designed to be towed behind the Tuatara side-by-side.
See more on our;  UTV trailer

Tuatara UTV cage

UTV cage

One of our most popular accessories. This is a lightweight but very strong aluminium cage that can be easily fitted to the Tuatara side-by-side.
See more with our; UTV Cage


Optional Doors

Our doors are optional, and half-door or full-doors are available.

What Our Customers Say

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We bought the electric Tuatara - what a game changer! Easy to get in and out of and very quiet. Runs for two weeks on a single charge. We charge it up on sunny days via our solar panels, so cost is minimal. Great working height of the tilt tray too. Very pleased we got the front and rear windscreens as we have a lot of Golden Ord Spiders in our olive grove and it stops them hitting your face. We are in the process of putting fake grass on the black tray matting so its not too hot for the dogs to stand in the back. Highly recommend one of these to anyone wanting to buy one for their farm. Craig is easy to work with and very helpful in explaining all the safety features of the Tuatara. Thanks Craig.
Craig and the team know the ins and outs of all their products and deliver a great product at a great price.
Incredibly practical farm vehicle. Great service and after sales service. Charged from 44% in 2 1/4 hours from our 6kVA stand alone solar.
Excellent machine, exactly what I was looking for and more, I wouldn’t wait any longer to buy one right now, just imagine how easy your life could be.
We went looking for a better option after struggling with bad buggies, service issues, and cheap sub quaility parts. Found Tuatara through a mate and was very surprised!These vehicles are a small tank compared to other farm "side by sides".I can get to all the greese points, I can get to all the components.The best bit too was the speed of answers. We asked a question and Craig was onto it.Ill update this post in 10-12 months once we have run them in and give a more practical 'uesage' review. but the first week has been a blast.
When I was looking for a 3 or 4 seater farm buggy, I could not find anything suitable until I came across the website of Tuatara UTV's. The owner, Craig, helped me with making an educated choice by showing and let me drive the 2 models, a petrol and an electric version, both very powerful and versatile 3 seater off road machines.My petrol version was personally delivered by Craig to my farm within a week. Great customer service and I look forward getting lots of use out of it.
Craig runs his business out of my Clontarf yard, and he goes out of his way to help his customers, and his Tuatara buggies are great machines, I recommend you check them out.

“Love it”

Onno - small block farmer Rocksberg.

“Mine's going like an absolute weapon, and we are getting a week's use before having to recharge"

Adam- landscaper Ashmore.

"I've been working on a Tuatara UTV and I am impressed by their strength and build quality. They are a machine built for heavy farm work and not a flashy speed machine."

Patrick - Mechanic - NSW

“Hi Craig, it’s going very well and is very well suited to our type of farm work"

Dave - Cray Farm NSW

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